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Do You Kiss on the Lips?

Do You Kiss on the Lips?

There are few gestures as romantic as a kiss on the lips, but do you ever kiss people on the lips unromantically? My family (mother, father, baby brothers and sisters, grandparents) always kiss on the lips, so it had never occurred to me that some people didn’t. All that changed the first time Logan saw me kiss my dad on the mouth. He was totally and completely freaked out. And I was aghast at the idea of families who never smooched their babies.

I had no problem stopping kissing my father on the lips, but I couldn’t bear to think of Logan never kissing his babies. He very patiently taught Valentine to kiss him (and me!) on the cheek, but it wasn’t long before she insisted on getting her goodnight kisses on the mouth. I don’t know if it’s because babies are so mouth-centric or what, but it’s like cheek kisses weren’t the real deal for her. So eventually Logan just went for it, letting Valentine peck him on the mouth.

Then the other night, she hugged and kissed me, then hugged Logan, but when he leaned over for a kiss, she grabbed him around the head and gave him this big, long kiss. His eyes popped wide and then he started laughing, but still she wouldn’t let go. Finally, she dropped her hands, pulled away, and reached for her crib, like, “No big deal.” I just died laughing, both at her hilarious and mystifying impulse to kiss him like that, but also to see Logan sweetly kissing his daughter on the lips when he feels so uncomfortable with the very idea.

Anyway, it just made me wonder about the rest of you. Does your family kiss on the lips? Never? Sometimes? Let’s hear it!

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