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What did your parents do right?

What did your parents do right?

Last week a friend of mine mentioned that she’s about to talk to her preteen daughter about sex. She is collecting resources so she’s well prepared for any conversations she’ll have with her daughter on the subject.

This got me to thinking. My cousin recently wrote a beautiful essay titled, “What My Parents Did Right” and I’m wondering about the good things parents have done to inform, instruct and encourage their children to have a godly and healthy sexuality.

When I was 10 or 11, my mother took me on an outing and explained to me the female reproductive system. She told me a lot of things, but then she handed me two little booklets that were written for preteens on the subject. I love that she did this, because it enabled me to learn more in private and at my own pace. The tips I read in those booklets were invaluable when I started my period and I still think of them today!

Another thing I really appreciate about my parents is that they were very physically affectionate in front of their children. They kissed and hugged all the time, and even playfully wrestled. I remember especially loving when my dad would scoop my mom up in his arms and hold her as though they were about to step over the threshold again. It was so romantic.

It’s easy to think of the plethora of mistakes our parents have made, but it’d be interesting to collect a list of things that really worked! So, when it came to promoting healthy sexuality, what did your parents do right? Was it a conversation? Many conversations? Their example? Was it primarily your mother who helped you or was your dad involved at all? Did you learn more about the physical side of sexuality or the spiritual? What did you most appreciate about your mother or father’s influence on your sexuality?

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